5 things Graphic Design Agencies Sydney are doing right.

But what do they do exactly?

Graphic Design Agencies are the fairy godmothers of the marketing world. They help you get the beautiful dress aka complete rebranding and web design, helping brands and businesses transform into the pretty princesses or the strong knights that they are.

Too cheesy?

Well, it’s true. It’s not easy meeting your “prince charming” in this current marketing climate with everything going digital and social media dominating the field of marketing.

These are the things you should be looking for in a graphic design agency based in Sydney:

Creating Unique Brand Identities

Basic brand design is not enough anymore for brands to achieve success. For businesses, brand identity is the special ingredient that makes them stand apart from the rest. Your unique brand identity will shape your company and define your business in the eyes of the consumers. They will identify and associate your brand image with your products and/or services. This will cultivate a connection between the brand and the consumer.

Which when you think about it, is a lot of pressure on your brand identity, but don’t worry, this is where creative agencies come in and save the day with their design solutions like the superheroes they are (or fairy godmothers if we are still going with that).

Frying Pan Inn wanted to communicate a hip, industrial, chic eatery offering house-smoked meats and craft beer served in a bustling exposed brick and wood setting.

The answer came in a rustic, real industrial design. The use of bold contrasting colours and old school typography resonated with the brand essence of Frying Pan Inn. A clear and memorable design that is aesthetically pleasing without pushing the creative boundaries of the industrial chic style of Frying Pan Inn.

Pushing Creative Boundaries

“Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas” – Donatella Versace.

Great graphic designers tend to push the boundaries. A good graphic design agency will always be practising and discovering unique solutions for unique brands.

Just look at how our Spicy creative talents pushed those boundaries the hardest with Award winning Office HQ website and branding.

This projects brief included design elements that think outside the box in the realm of communication and to highlight unique selling points such as local roots/Aussie, instant activation, receptionists who are always on call 24/7, free trial and month to month subscriptions.

The website features ‘space age’ design elements such as an astronaut, outer space, and planets, as well as photos of real people and earth. This combination highlighting communication on both levels, world-class technology that goes above and beyond’.

Spicy Broccoli Media became a winner of the 2017 Summit Emerging Media Award for its website design of OfficeHQ! With entries coming from 13 countries across the globe, our work scored among the best!

Rediscovering Package Design

It has become harder than ever to attract and hold the valuable attention of the consumers with an average person spending less than a second before choosing a product and thus branding package. Insanely growing competition for print design between brands is to blame for this.

However, the recent trend towards sustainability has affected package design in Sydney more than anything else. Green designs not only makes your brand stand out but also socially responsible.

OZNutri asked branding agency, Spicy Broccoli, to design a brand new logo, along with some fun, fresh packaging! As they have built the brand from scratch, it was completely up to Spicy to develop a brand concept that connected their Australian-made products with their commitment to nutrition.

The Spicy Solution:

  • The logo is simple and bold, giving it room to work with different styles of packaging
  • The letter ‘O’ with the leaf accent gives the brand a modern look, while also tying in with the brand’s natural products
  • A soft, pastel colour palette that is unique to OZNutri helps to raise brand awareness

Strong personality

Adopting a strong and distinct personality is how they are carving a niche for themselves while making them stand out among an ever increasing sea of creative digital talent. Get a design working for you. Also, in the age of growing technology, humanizing the brand with a personal touch is the best way to create a connection between the business and the consumer.

Culture is the heart of the Form1 business and website which brings fire safety to life. Spicy Broccoli Media (a creative agency in sydney) launched Form1 in December 2017 and were awarded the 2017 Special Kudos Award by the CSS Design Awards for the website’s design! Click here to check out the award!

Staying on top of Trends

If you thought trends are just for the fashion industry, think again. The onset of 2019 saw number of design and marketing growing trends in the graphic design industry based in Sydney. We saw simplicity and defamiliarized layouts dominate in the web as well as print design. “Less is more” has become the mantra for many local graphic designers. Old school texts and hand drawn fonts are making a big comeback. Staying on top of the current trends makes sure your designs don’t look stale or boring.

Spicy Broccoli, a creative agency in Sydney, Check out our 2019 Graphic DesignTrends blog HERE.

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