Open Source VS Propriety Software

OPEN SOURCE What is open source software? Open source software refers to software whose source code— the medium in which programmers create and modify software — is freely available on the Internet. Open source allows its users the freedom to

First Impressions Count!

You will never get a second chance to make a first impression, so make your first impression count. For small businesses what potential customers think about you and how they judge you are often determined by their first impression. So

Instagram vs. Snapchat Stories

I’m sure all of us are familiar with Snapchat and Instagram stories. Take a photo, caption it, and it’s available to view for 24 hours only. But which one is better? Before the launch of Instagram stories there wasn’t much

Social Media Feeding Frenzy: Changing the way we eat

We’re still in restaurant month, so we are back with our awesome investigation to how platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat has completely changed the way we eat and view food. Are you guilty of being the person who refused

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