Judge Facebook by its Cover Photo

So… Facebook business pages are going over to timeline… which means you get to play about with your image! We’ve put together a list showcasing some of our favourites.




Present the unexpected! And if you’re doing that do it in style like this guy. It’s certainly memorable. It works so well because it’s integrating profile with cover image.



Good Ol’ Toyota always thinking outside the box. Whether you love dogs or the brand this appeals to all age groups, genders and facebookers! Simple and effective might be the way forward…



Showcasing the brand, using more than one image will stand you out from the crowd, do it in such a way that’s in-keeping with your brand and you’ll have a supercool professional looking page.



Gorgeous layout. The logo doesn’t need to be the profile image.




Remember to update the image on a regular basis, keep it current so people will continue to like your page.




What you’d expect from Quicksilver. Over the years they’ve solidified their brand and we never seem to tire of looking at surfers!!



An actual ‘timeline’ of the company… now there’s a good idea! We love the layout, images have been chosen carefully to work together and not take too much attention away from the posts. This really depicts what the company is about.




A long wide image frame lends itself to show an interior or landscape, this almost looks 3D. Architects and interior designers could have a lot of fun.




The message here has been kept simple. Why not announce your recent success, special offer or new service.




…And if you have the rights to use an image of a hot model to endorse your brand – USE IT!

Lots to think about.. Just keep in mind you want to compliment your website, be fun and show your brand’s personality whist keeping an element of professionalism.

This is what we came up with for our cover image.


Happy facebooking!

If you have recently added a new cover image let us know about it by posting it in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

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