How Spicy Is Your Brand?


Are you starting up a new business? Could your brand image use some spicing up? Are you reaching out to a new demographic? Do you know how spicy your brand is? We are here for you to tell you everything you need to know to be ON FIRE!

Spicy: Know Your Audience

There’s no point in starting to make something without knowing how to engage your audience. To reach the first level of spice all you need is to know your audience.

Sit down, grab a large skim latte in a reusable mug and a pen and paper and get ready to list EVERY attribute your potential customer has: demographic information as:

  • age
  • sex, (the gender definition, not as in “Yes please”)
  • if they have kids
  • where they hang out,
  • all you can get!

Also, some psychographic information such as:

  • what they want
  • what their problems are
  • what are their emotional triggers.

The more you know about them, the better. You need to know exactly how to engage them and how are you going to tell them your story.

Once you have all this information, you are ready to spice things up.

Super Spicy: Design A Logo

Don’t underestimate the importance of having a strong logo. Read: Please don’t design it yourself in Word. You need it to establish an image and a connection with your customers; the logo is the foundation of the brand.

When your logo is designed properly, it encompasses the defining the personality of your brand, the character… how you want to be perceived by perspective customers.

Moreover, different colours help you to reflect the emotional side of your brand: fun, serious, energetic or maybe environmental? Is up to you! Check out our blog on tips on great logo design for more info.

Ready for your next level?

Smoking Hot: Define A Style Guide

At this stage, the logo becomes just the tip of the chilli; to ensure brand consistency, you need a Style Guide with all the essential information to create whatever your business needs, no matter who creates it. Email signatures, letterheads, envelopes, websites and the design of your private jet all should have the same logo, colour palette, tone of voice and look and feel.

The Style Guide is one of the most essential documents any business can have; yet many don’t have one. The main reason is time, it takes time and effort to create a Style Guide; but if you think about it, once you have it, you won’t need to explain everything again to everyone who uses your logo so no need to brief over and over. In the end, believe it or not, you save a lot of time!

Now everything is working together toward a common goal, you are about to be ON FIRE!

On Fire: Branding Application

Let’s put some EXTRA chilli and really spice things up, if you want your brand to be ON FIRE the next step is to use the Style Guide consistently and start to apply it CONSISTENTLY to all the elements you need to communicate your brand consistently. You get the point?

For clear communication, CONSISTENCY IS KING

But be careful, the more you say, the less they will remember from you. So choose the 2 or 3 things you want to be remembered about and work on that.

The best strategy to connect with your audience is consistency; it’s essential to send the same message through all your touch points. It creates familiarity, which leads to trust and trust builds sales, simple as that.

Check our work on Branding to get inspired, and let us know if we can help on getting your brand from mild to wild!!

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