How to make your dream website a reality

You have your idea and now want to make it a reality- what is the next step? When developing your website, it is important to take into account various spicy factors. We’ve asked our very own experts what you should have in mind when creating your dream website.

Your audience:

It is important to understand your website target audience as much as possible. They type of audience you are aiming for will help shape every section of the design and development of your website. The more you understand your audience, their habits and why they are on your website the easier it will be to make the website work for them.

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When developing a website, it is incredibly important to create a clean, appealing design with a colour palette that suits your targeted demographics. Different colours have the ability to evoke many emotional responses, and when choosing your website colour schemes, researching the best colour options for your product and target market is a must.

However, our graphic designer, Jess, believes form follows function.

‘The functionality is a primary objective to any website. So whilst, the visual aspects can be muy caliente?, the site’s operational features should mirror this. If it’s pretty but I cant click it, how I am going to buy that pair of heels?’



Spicy website designer, Max, notes that the functionality of a website must be based on two intertwining concepts.

– Ease of use

Therefore it is integral for your website to be as simple and easy to use as possible.  You have a limited time to grab the attention of your user and if you try to show them too much information you could overload them with information. By setting up a clear hierarchy of what is important on the webpage you have the chance to guide and help the user through your website. Make your click-paths intuitive.

– No dead ends

This applies for more than just getting regular haircuts, for each click, 30% of users will drop off your website. To minimise this, creating intuitive click-paths at the bottom pages is crucial. Cross linking within your site is also a great idea so they you encourage people to explore, get to know you, love you, and ultimately, buy from you.

– Level of speed

For MAXimum (ha ha max) usability, your website must be as fast as possible. This means your users don’t have to wait around for the page to load. The faster your website loads the faster the user will get to start view your website. By giving them information quickly you also reduce the chance of them leaving while they are waiting for your website to load.



As they say, the creative is only as good as the brief.  Sit down with your favourite snack and Spotify playlist and get inspired. A great way to start is by making a mood board! This is the beginning of your brief. Gather inspiration for how you believe your website should look and feel. Take into account the design, functionality and your target demographic, gather examples that you love and your audience will love too! What do you like about your choices? What are the commonalities?

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Need some extra direction?

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