So UNsocial: Ways to increase productivity on social media

Social media marketing can be extremely time-consuming. Many people spend hours and hours on their mobile devices looking through endless content. For social media and marketing managers, the time spent on social media is a lot different. Monitoring mentions, responding to comments, and managing content on multiple platforms to maximise the most engagement all makes us realise how time really does fly! The Spicy Team are here to give you some spicy tips with a flavour kick to increase your social media productivity.

1. Hootsuite is your best friend

Struggling to coordinate multiple platforms? Meet Hootsuite, or otherwise known as the bestfriend of our digital marketing manager. Hootsuite is designed for multi-taskers and allows multiple social media streams to be monitored at once. You can even schedule posts in advance, simply have your content ready and select a date and ta da! Simple! With other features like team collaboration where multiple people can also contribute to scheduling posts, Hootsuite is going to be that spicy kick to your business! Still not convinced?

2. Time is of the essence
They say time flies when you’re having fun, but they just don’t know how fast it really goes when you’re trying to schedule new content on different social platforms each week.  This is why we recommend you to create monthly social media campaigns, and create a copy  document with what the image will be posted and the caption! Just have a proper timeline ready and the time you want to post.

Once you’re happy with a month’s worth of content, simply schedule it all into Hootsuite and sit back and let the content roll through!


Instagram recently enabled Hootsuite to automatically POST single images to business profiles! Previously, Instagram was the only social media platform that wasn’t on the automatic post band wagon so as marketers, we are very happy indeed! Simply enable the chosen Instagram business accounts through Hootsuite, schedule your chosen images, and voila, it will post in a jiffy! Unfortunately, Instagram only allows single images to be automatic, so for more mutiple images and video content, you need to have your phones at the ready for manually posting.

Don’t have the time to schedule or post videos or mutiple images? Let us handle it! Wanna talk social media? Email today!

3. The Ultimate Feed Planner

Don’t you just love finding new Instagram pages that are so aesthetically pleasing? Another tip at the Spicy Headquarters is the Preview app, your visual planning saviour. If you’re scheduling a week or months worth of content, just upload your images into this app and keep swapping the photos around until your happy with the layout. This is an awesome tip if you want to coordinate your campaigns because a cohesive and consistent Instagram feed will attract new followers!

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