Make your homepage count

Your home page is the most important page on your website. Take a careful look and think about it from the perspective of a first time visitor.

1. Does your homepage communicate a clear message to the user?

This is the first impression online visitors get of your company. The quicker you can give them an understanding of your business/products/services the more time they can spend processing the information you have to offer.

2. Make the most of what is above the fold.

Er.. what’s a fold you say? The fold is the point on a website where you stop seeing content and need to scroll to see more. Check out the image below for an example of the fold on an average screen.

The sort of elements you would expect to sit above the fold include:

  • Logo
  • Navigation
  • Interesting images
  • Call to action
  • Tag lines
  • Informative and useful information

We’ve rounded up a few examples that get straight to the point.

LG’s website uses a image slideshow with a clear headline and “Find out more” button.

Toyota’s website has introduced interactivity into their website buy using a header slideshow. Interactive features create a classy but fun identity for your company. Having a slideshow on your website is a simple way to draw a customer into your website.

The Woolworths website uses an image slide show to promote their latest deals and offers whilst also having important site links on the right side of the screen to guide navigation.


Keep It Simple and Spicy! We’ve all heard this one before, simplification is harder than it seems. Quite often we get trapped by wanting to show everything we do up front. Often this is more confusing to the user than one clear simple message. More info buttons are handy for this as well, so you can have little teasers of information or images that link to added info. Then, after you’ve simplified it all, spice it up just a touch to be sure you show the personality of your brand! If you are just starting out with your website check out our post on Where to Start with Your Website for some handy tips on planning your website.

So that’s a wrap up for this weeks Spicy tips; understanding the process of implementing simple changes to create huge impacts on your consumers. This will leave them inevitably satisfied with the website’s user experience and overall reflection of the company. Tune in next week for more of Your Website tips for creating huge impacts with minute changes.