5 things Graphic Design Agencies Sydney are doing right.

5 things Graphic Design Agencies Sydney are doing right. Graphic Design Agencies are the fairy godmothers of the marketing world. They help you get the beautiful dress aka complete rebranding and web design, helping brands and businesses transform into the

Social Media Content

Social Media Content: How to expand your Instagram reach by utilising the Instagram algorithm. The social network, Instagram, currently has over 1 billion active users, with millions (and we mean millions) of photos posted per day. Although this platform is

Kill Two Birds With One Stone: Cookie Law and AMP for WP

Cookie law and AMP for WordPress Two birds one stone hey? Sounds damn good. But we bet you aren’t actually aware of the *birds* you are supposed to be killing… Here at Spicy HQ, we keep our ears to the

Top 5 Graphic Design Trends for 2019 // Plus bonus!

PUN ALERT: Two puns met in Rome, one said to the other, “Hey are you Roman?”, to which the other replied, “No, I’m Italic!” From the┬árevival of old school fonts to the growth of new tools and applications, staying on