Being a “Multipotentialite” in a Creative Agency Ft. Sarah Taylor

Are you a Slashie?

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

All of us have been subjected to this question growing up. Sometimes more than once, and sometimes you might ask yourself this well into adulthood! As children, often the answer changed every time based on the most exciting thing in our lives at the moment… Palaeontologist! Ballerina! Astronaut! Garbage man! As we grew up, we had to choose one thing and one profession. We were not allowed to have two or more dreams at the same time. We were told to “focus”.


However, we say that’s not true. That the “one true calling” is a myth. Especially for those of us who are still in touch with our innate thirst for wonder and innovation. However this in no way means that a person can not have one amazing dream and can not choose to evolve in that one field only. Such people are called specialists and are absolutely pertinent to a successful organisation. Balance is key, people!

“When I was 6 and someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I had a very clear answer. To be a soccer player in the fall, a ballerina in the winter, a veterinarian in the spring, and an artist in the summer (after all, spending summers in the Italian Riviera painting the Cinque Terre fishing villages sounds pretty good, right?) Oh and I was going to marry a dentist.” – Sarah Taylor

Here, at Spicy HQ, we are a bunch of dreamers. Some with multiple dreams. Working in a creative agency lets us explore that and become whomever we want to be. We are not required to be just one person or to have just one dream. We are what some would say a “Multipotentialite”  or a “Slashie”. We know, we faaaaancy 😉

Combining Ideas

At Spicy, we understand that innovation is born at the intersections of different ideas. We don’t believe in just having light bulbs popping over our heads. We know that a great idea (until nurtured) is just that, an idea. No single person in our team is the same. And we make sure we utilize that to full effect. Our team tears apart and operates on several mind-blowing ideas like mad scientists to come up with solutions that apply to our client’s individual needs.

Spicy dreamer and Director Mike started out as a chef, turned surf coach, turned entrepreneur, a trained graphic designer and apparently, a skilled accordion player (that last one is a bit of a surprise for us) and he’s sitting below with Caio who’s an ardent soccer enthusiast, surfer turned web developer! (Now that’s an escalation!)

Ciao and Mike

Prompt Learning

We never stop learning, either from our work and colleagues or from our rare, but very human, mistakes. We are constantly evolving as an agency. We keep up with the latest happenings and trends in the world while also evolving on a personal basis. Each of us keeps acquiring new skills to satisfy our creative cravings while we keep up with technological advancements in the world.

Introducing our Spicy girls! Briony is not only a master at juggling various managerial tasks and all social media content for our clients and us but was also a professional barista and fitness ambassador standing below with Icey, our star graphic designer who is also a calligrapher, avid manga enthusiast and a pretty decent piano player. Sarah, our Queen Bee graphic designer turned entrepreneur turned leader turned soccer coach and now indulging in the world of Etsy crafts. Maybe Beyonce had these in mind when she sang “Girls Run The World”!


As a creative agency, we get to live vicariously through our clients. We get to immerse ourselves into the exciting world of doctors, chefs and entrepreneurs! We don’t mean to boast but adaptability is our strongest suit. And not just because it makes us better at our jobs but because it makes us better and more fulfilled human beings.  

“As creatives, we have to just “get it.” What really excites me about working with small businesses is the vast variety of clients we get to work on in any given day. I could be doing brand strategy for an Occupational Therapist in the morning, website design for a strippers booking platform at lunchtime, and a Chinese tapas restaurant menu design in the afternoon.” – Sarah Taylor

Stevo started out as a DJ turned festival manager turned camper and is now our awesome Marketing Manager.

Digital Marketing Sydney

“And this is why having a creative agency is the best “job” in the world. Now I’m not one of those typical Americans who throw air quotes around like a frisbee or uses “literally” in the figurative sense. The reason I put “job” in quotation marks is that it’s not just a job. It’s a lifestyle. It’s an all-in-one job, where not only do I get to do fun stuff like draw and paint (digitally or manually) but I get to learn about professions big, small, boring, exciting, and some that I never even knew existed. And when I say learn I mean really learn, dive deep, understand, and predict.” – Sarah Taylor

When we say that we are a multifaceted and multipotentialite agency, we do not mean that we do not provide specialist services. You don’t have to be good at just one thing. We believe in excelling in all we do.

“So while in the traditional sense, I’m sitting in the same studio every day, I’m immersed by other entrepreneurs and solving how to create an even better business for them. I have to immerse myself in what makes those industries tick, find insights, and create unique angles. And at the end of the day, I shut my laptop like a real grown up.” – Sarah Taylor

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This blog was inspired by the TedTalk by Emilie Wapnick.

“It is rarely a waste of time pursuing something you are drawn to, even if you end up quitting. You can apply that knowledge in a  different field entirely in a way you couldn’t have anticipated.” – Emilie Wapnick

Catch her TedTalk at TEDxBend event in an illuminating talk about the people she calls “multipotentialites” here!