Heads up, you may recognise these brands… Awesome Graphic Design Sydney!

In the almost 10 years of Spicy Broccoli, you bet we’ve designed a lot of stuff. From logos, web design and menus to full-on branding makeovers, we’ve done it. Our experienced graphic designers focus on communication, efficiency and productivity. Specialising in both print and digital design, the spicy designers can bring your brand ideas to life!


Each and every one of our projects is done with hard work and passion, and we’re proud of every single one!

We love working with local businesses on the Northern Beaches but we also draw from extensive big brand management experience, working with brands such as Toyota, Steadfast Life, V8 Supercars, Lonely Planet and DreamWorks. We passionately bring this experience when tackling small and medium business opportunities.

Let’s take a look at some of the big brand design projects we’ve worked on, they’re definitely great ones to show off in the portfolio ;)


Spicy has been designing the National Pole Magazine for Toyota Financial Services for the past year. Published by issuu, it’s a digital newsletter to showcase the national finance campaign, updates from head office, regional updates, dealership performance rankings, vehicle sales results, industry insights and more.

The design solution was professional and sleek using core grey and toyota red as the core colours to represent the Toyota brand in its purest form. Using beautiful imagery and infographics keep it interesting to the reader.

Steadfast Life

Steadfast Life wanted a website that showcased what they do, who they are and why they are the experts in life insurance. They wanted their site design to be interactive and focus on people’s lives and their stories.

The web design included a homepage that features a promotional video of the WHY factor for Steadfast Life, e.g. inspiring, growth, fun, family, learning, achievement. The ‘Your Stories’ section is available for users to peruse insurance options similar to their needs by reading about the ways they’ve helped their clients and the positive impact they’ve had on their lives.

V8 Supercars

The Virgin Australia Supercars Championship, formerly V8 Supercars Championship, is widely regarded as one of the best and most entertaining motorsport categories in the world. The 2019 series kicked off in Tasmania (5 – 7 April), then headed to Phillip Island (12 – 14 April), Perth (2 – 4 May), Winston (24 – 26 May) and finishes up in Townsville (5 – 7 July).

Spicy designed the front covers for the official programs for each location and the track and venue map for Tasmania. They provided a sample cover and asked us to base it on the same format. We continued on with the style of Supercars using bold fonts and strong colours.

Lonely Planet

The next two projects are quite the throwback! Our creative director Sarah worked as the graphic designer on a series of travel books for Lonely Planet just as Spicy Broccoli was born. The series was targeted at kids as a travel guide for cool and fun things to see around popular tourist destinations including New York, Rome, Paris and London.

She designed all the covers and internal pages for each book and also worked with illustrators for the cute and quirky drawings throughout. Each book is full of unique characters, fun typography and jam-packed with stuff to eat, places to see and things to do that aren’t your typical boring old buildings that parents like to visit. These books are “not-for-parents” after all!


Working with Weldon Owen publishing, we designed a series of books using movie still from ShrekMonsters Vs AliensMadagascar, and Kung Fu Panda. This included a “Dreamworks Treasury” logo, cover designs, endpaper patterns, colour schemes, and internals page designs. The book were then translated to a number of languages and sold to emerging markets worldwide. 

Think it’s safe to say we’ve had some pretty awesome clients, check out our Portfolio Page to see even more of the work we’ve done!

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