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Business people spend plenty of time in their daily activities, but how much time do they spend in evaluating their marketing plans? If you take a step back and analyze how you use your time, you will probably be amazed by how sitting aside just a few minutes can give you focus plus results to your marketing strategy.

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One of the key factors that drives the success of marketing initiatives – and any entrepreneurial endeavour – is having powerful daily habits so we recommend you to follow the “Quick Spicy Marketing routine”.

We assure you that by devoting 15 minutes a day to evaluate how your strategy is going, the process will become less time consuming and you’ll be able to focus on growing your business.

Here are four tips to keep in mind:

  1. Remember your objectives (2 minutes)

Before starting everyday responsibilities it is important that you remember which your aims are. Sometimes it is useful to make a list of your goals, which may include increasing your audience or promoting your products more. This will help you focus not only to know if you are using the right marketing channels but also the right messages.

  1. Focus on your target (2 minutes)

You might be running out of time but executing your marketing strategies on channels where you target audience lives is vital. Take into account that overextending the brand on multiple platforms can make you to spend less time on the most important platforms, decreasing the effectiveness of the campaign.

  1. Measure and tracking (8 minutes)

Waiting until the end of a month to measure progress and results is the worst idea. An ongoing evaluation of how your business is performing helps you to make sure that you are following the best path for your company.

These are the most useful tracking tools:


  • Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools in monitoring and analyzing traffic on your website. It gives you plenty of information about who is visiting your site, what they are looking for, and how they are getting to your site…. Almost everything. If you don’t know how to access your google analytics ask your web designer for the logins.

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  • Facebook Insights is a pretty powerful tool for those wanting to track user interaction. By using this tool you’ll be able to determine the best time of the day to post, the best day of the week to post and what type of content is most popular. It is important to note that the Facebook Insights tool is constantly updated to reflect your page’s developments and any patterns that may form. So you’ll need to keep checking back to keep in the loop.


  • For Instagram we recommend to use Statigr.am.  You are allowed to view your feed and the people you are connected to in different ways. It makes it easy to navigate through images/videos and like, comment, share or repost. You can also add or remove new followers. Furthermore, you are able to view statistics on your own account such as most popular content, growth in followers and how engaging your content is.

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  • Using LinkedIn, you can monitor several short-term results such as an increase in your number of personal connections, content shares and likes, and follower engagement with your company page and showcase pages. These indicators increased awareness and visibility of your business. As an administrator of your company’s LinkedIn page, you can access your page’s analytics to see which topics people gravitate towards and what topics you can phase out.
  1. Action plan (3 minutes)

The control of the action plan has to be done both during development and at the end of any project. When performing a control through the plan, you have the opportunity to correct the issues that are not turning out as expected. As for the control after its completion, the goal is to establish a balance and confirm whether the planned objectives have been met.

Finally make sure you are able to answer the following questions

  • Complete? Does it list all the action steps or changes to be sought in all relevant parts of the community (e.g. business, government, faith community)?
  • Clear? Is it apparent who will do what by when?
  • Current? Does the action plan reflect the current work? Does it anticipate newly emerging opportunities and barriers?

We love what we do! If you want to see what we do you can check our work on Marketing Plans to get some ideas or get in touch so we can talk about how to manage in a better way your business.

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