Spicy Panda Says… Choose The Right Font


If a picture paints words, a font displays emotion.

Imagine you’re a sick panda. You’ve just moved homes and need to see a doctor. In the main street you see a few signs for a few different doctors, which one do you pick?



What emotions did you feel these signs communicated to you??The first would suggest an older business. Perhaps for the more elderly and regular pandas who have lived in the area for a long time. They’ve been around for a while. The second a more trendy, upmarket doctor who would more likely appeal to the younger panda or family.

The choice of fonts also plays an essential part in the success of a logo. Many people think a font is just a font, and they choose a font simply because they like it. As we can get feelings from colours, we can also get feelings from fonts too.

Different fonts convey different meanings, therefore, it is wise to spend some careful time on choosing a right font for your logo design. Think about your target audience, and what they would see and respect. Have a look at logos of products they would purchase. See what the fonts have in common and go

  • San Serif fonts has a more contemporary, geometric look. It often evokes a young, fresh, trendy feel.
  • Script fonts have the style of more decorative and old-fashioned calligraphy, often with the elaborate flourishes. They can be used to add a sense of luxury to a design and to give a more elaborate feel.
  • Serif fonts are ideal for projects that aim to express solidity and traditional values. Serif fonts are traditional style of font, characterised by serifs or ‘small lines’ that extend from the end of a stroke.
  • Handwriting font face conveys a fun or casual message. This typeface has various style ranges from those that are very legible through a more stylised or dilapidated designs.Handwriting fonts can also be used to make a message within a design, appearing more personal to the viewer because it extracts a sense of lightness.