The Year of Awesomeness

I love parties… and the recent Chinese New Year celebrations got me a thinkin! 2016 as the Year of the Monkey celebrate individuals of quick wit, intelligence and a playful nature. The Spicy team pride themselves in delivering kick ass projects that are brilliant, imaginative, and a little (lotta) bit fun. In the spirit of 2016 and us monkeys, here are Spicy’s top 16 picks that made 2016- The Year of Awesomeness!


1. Spicy designed and developed over 30 different websites from 12+ many industries

2. We welcomed a social spice master to the team: Our ab fab social media marketing guru Bianca and her interns (minions).

3. Our Creative Director Sarah presented a fun shop at NSW Parliament on employee engagement from a brand perspective – go, Sarah!

4. No of Logos designed= 32!

5. We were a Finalist for the Northern Beaches in the Professional Services category in the Local Business Awards!

6. Spicy Broccoli became a legally sponsoring business and applied to sponsor our web developing king, Caio!

7. We breathed new life into the iconic waterslide hotspot Manly Surf n Slide, formerly known as Manly Waterworks. With a long history before us, we took on rebranding, a new website and social media marketing! Click here to check out our handy work!

8. The Spicy family experienced their first-ever Deliveroo order. Burritos happened, tears happened and another order happened.

9. We got an air conditioner: Due to excessive amounts of sugar n spice, we needed to add something nice. The Spicy team made a new addition to the family, Pepper. You can catch her chilling out near the spicy entrance (good one).

10. Spicy Broccoli made website was a finalist in the Australian Web Awards- Small Business Category!

11. Butterflies: We welcomed more than 6 new social media and marketing clients to the mix since September.

12. Moving the furniture: We added more desks to the Spicy secret lair (or office) and welcomed another addition, the ever-talented Graphic Designer Susi!

13. We celebrated Melbourne Cup in style, with $5 tequila shots and a very fun next day at work.

14. First-ever Spicy Secret Santa: The Christmas spirit was definitely in the air in 2016 and will continue to be in 2017. Chocolates, chill chairs and desk-mounted fans! Oh my!

15. We hosted a fit and fab fun shop with Camille from Brilliant Business Blogging about building unbreakable trust with your digital audience. Check out her hot hot hot guest blog post, about you guessed it, blogging! Companies who blog vs companies who don’t. 

16. Spicy Broccoli has grown exponentially since 2009, working with a total 612 clients, planting 300 trees, and drinking 100,000 cups of coffee…that last could be made up or could be a gross understatement. You be the judge.

There you have it Spicians! 16 highlights of our 2016 and 16 more reasons to say hello! 

Until next time,

The Broccoli Army