Top 5 website design trends

Web design is a quickly moving and changing industry where trends come and go as quick as the Kardashians’ marital status.

Let’s look through some of the trends we can expect to see more of this year so you can rethink and improve your website.

1. Card Layouts

Have you checked our homepage? Pinterest sounds familiar? This is what it looks like to have a card layout:


Cards are very beneficial because they present enough information to have a quick overview and let the user decide which content interests them the most to find out more. Each card represents one unified concept, they act as “content containers” and their square shape makes them easier to re-arrange for different devices. (As you know, mobile responsiveness is über important. Take the 30 second test here )

2. Endless scroll

Nowadays, thanks to mobile devices, almost everyone is accustomed to long scrolls. This type of design works especially well for sites that want to attract users through storytelling, but you can also break the scroll into clear sections so the user can easily tell where they are.

Check our website design for Barbuto Restaurant, where you can navigate the one page content through the menu on the top or you can scroll down to see all the content:


3. Large background images

According to 3M Corporation, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. 2016 is the year of genuine imagery and you should take advantage of using real photos to connect with your audience in a genuine way.

Take a look at our restaurant web design for  Manly Skiff Club, where you can see large pictures that take you directly to the place. mmm.. Corona anyone?


4. Flat design

If you are looking for simplicity, clarity and authenticity, this type of design is for you. It is characterised by strong and high-contrast colour palettes, large typography, panoramic backgrounds and alternate coloured panels.

We worked this flat design concept with Joe’s Basecamp website, where you will find solid and high-contrast colours, an eye catching tagline and large background pictures:


5. The hamburger menu

Everyone loves a good hamburger, right? Most mobile sites feature the three-lined symbol, which readers can click to see more content; this is known as the hamburger menu. Really simple, functional, intuitive and memorable it naturally simulates the look of a menu list, ideally suits devices with small screens.

Go to from your mobile and see how we make it work for our client:


Is your website following one of this top trends on design? Are there any other top trends for 2016? Please comment below.

Are you wondering which style is for you? Spicy Broccoli Media can help you on this journey… either of creating a new website or just refreshing the one you have. Let us know!