Spicy’s Top 5 Facebook Welcome Tabs

Welcome tabs are the pages you see when you first visit a company’s Facebook page. A Facebook welcome tab is like a mini-website inside your Facebook page.

To celebrate social media week were have put together a Top 5 Facebook tabs. The welcome tab provides an opportunity for businesses to get more likes, build their database and extend their branding. It’s also a space within Facebook to let a bit of the company’s personality shine through in their own branded style.

Adobe Facebook

Adobe Systems uses their Facebook welcome tab as a microsite. It is a website within the Facebook website where users can navigate through their products/services and discover partner social media channels.

Holden Facebook

Holden use a strong call to action straight up with “Like Holden on Facebook” to encourage people to follow their business. It also promotes products and current competitions it has running.

Microsoft Facebook

Microsoft uses a simple fan-only content technique. They ask you to “Just click Like” and you will be rewarded with cool. In this case, when you like their page they reveal a cool animation.

Coles Facebook

Coles uses the “Like us” with an arrow as the first call to action. The rest of the content emphasises their current campaign featuring Curtis Stone.

Coca-cola Facebook

Cokes first call to action is “Like Coke? There’s a button for that!” with an arrow. The rest of the page is dedicated to their other social media channels and current campaigns.


You can see from these examples that there are many different ways to utilise the Welcome Tabs. It can act as an information point, entertainment point or it can be more focused on a certain area of your business. There are many possibilities whenever you are working with social media. It is important to consider why people are on your facebook page and try to give them content that is relevant to your business as well as valuable.