What a difference a new website (and some digital marketing) can make!

Case study:
Cheap work boots

The brief was simple, Cheap Work Boots are retailers of products such as workwear, safety boots, and safety clothing, and came to Spicy Broccoli with the aim of building a new website and increasing sales.

Cheap Work Boots website


What did we do?

First step was a new website, with a focus on a clean design, and easy-to-navigate features. Once testing was complete and the site was launched, it was time to attract customers.

While ensuring that the website was SEO-friendly and able to perform against competitors, the initial strategy to attract new customers was setting up paid search campaigns within Google Adwords.


How has it performed?

The results speak for themselves, with visitor numbers seeing improvement month after month:

Cheap Work Boots traffic


Of course the goal was not simply to increase traffic, but also to generate sales, with some excellent results so far:


When comparing the spend vs the revenue, things are certainly looking good:


What next?

From here on we will continue developing their campaigns, with the goal of constantly improving ROI, and scalability. With positive trends established, the sky is the limit!


Are you considering a new website?

Or perhaps keen to get your product in front of potentially customers through some digital marketing?

Talk to us to find out how!