Making your website successful

When trying to find information about a company, their website is the first place people look. If built in the right way, your company website can be your most powerful marketing asset!

Target Market

Firstly, you MUST define your target market – who do you want to reach and engage? The target market determines what content you present.

Straight to the point

When creating the content of your website you need to get your message across as quickly and effectively as possible. You need to create a hierarchy of information. The most important parts of your business need to stand out. Avoid complicated jargon and get straight to the point. Keeping things simple and concise will get your message clearly across to your audience. Look here for a more in depth look at planning for your website.

Site Navigation

Most visitors want to spend as little time as possible getting the information they want. The navigation needs to be clear and easily accessible. There is no point having a navigation system that looks amazing if it has no functionality. The audience should be able to get to the page they want with a maximum of 2-3 clicks. If your website is like a maze you probably need to rethink its functionality.


When people visit your company online, they are judging you based on your website. The audience should have a stress free experience online and leave feeling like they found what they were looking for. Good visual design reflects well on your company. Your audience will be encouraged to do business with you if your website is presented in a professional way. A pro website tells your audience that your company is serious and reassures them that they are in safe hands.

Check out these examples of simple clean design.

Clean design

Your website will strengthen your brand and add value to your company if you follow these important rules –
• Consider who your target audience is and the most effective way to communicate with them.
• Use simple navigation that is user friendly
• Use logical design that is intuitive and not confusing.
• Ensure the audience has an enjoyable visual experience.

Stay tuned for my next post where I will be explaining how to promote your website with search engines and social media. Take a look at some of our web projects here.