How to get the most out of your Online Advertising – example:

The online fashion site mywearweather works as a comprehensive news and trends hub, with the central concept as fashion-informed weather forecasts for around the world.

The best part of MyWearWeather is that it is free for users. They can register as a free members, participate in competitions and develop their own favourite styles on a personal carousel application. The site is based on social interaction, with facilities to comment on articles and products, as well as vote in polls about the latest fashion phenomenon.

The funding from our site comes chiefly from online advertising.  Choosing from brands which benefit our target market and brand aesthetic, we are able to enhance the status of our site though contracts with key fashion and beauty advertisers.

This creates the ideal scenario for MyWearWeather, as it is able to generate revenue while keeping the content free for all users.

After all, how many everyday net surfers want to pay for viewing online content? It’s about using innovative designs in advertising to generate online revenue.

Interesting advertisements can really add to the aesthetic of the homepage, as is the case with our recent competitions banner. Using the Spicy Broccoli design team to come up with an advertisement banner that complimented the look of our homepage, we were able to please our beauty sponsor brand and generate new fashion members.