Building your brand on Instagram

In a world of visual social media, the platform Instagram is more crucial than ever to your brand. Instagram is all about sharing moments, a form of direct communication between a brand and consumers through aesthetically pleasing images.

With 700 million users, chances are your target market and ideal client are using Instagram, and when used correctly, this platform can create a relationship between you and them. Here are the Spicy Headquarters, we have mastered the art of Instagram and we’re pleased to be able to share some our spicy tips with you.


Your  brand’s  aesthetic is the first thing that audiences will either connect or disconnect with. Captivating and visually pleasing images are crucial to your brand’s survival on Instagram.

This can be achieved quite  simply by remembering a few key tips:
1. LIGHT POPS, keep everything bright and inviting.

2. COMPOSITION matters, no matter how arty you think you are, keep your subject matter centered or otherwise ensure you have some leading lines to guide your audience, we aren’t all versed in how to analyse a Picasso cubism piece.

3. Work with your GRID, the square matters. I know you took a really awesome panorama but unless it looks good in the square Instagram format, you need to save it for another platform.

4. BOLD  colours  and  STRONG    shapes always stand out.


Perfect example of us spicing up Manly Surf Side’s brand on Instagram through promoting the colourful and fun lifestyle of Manly. Whilst remaining explicit in selling our product (apartments), you can have fun with your Instagram and post beautiful photos that may relate to your service. Click here to see what else we did for Manly Surf Side’s social media. 



LIKE, COMMENT and RESPOND to your followers.

We cannot stress this enough. Failure to be active on your account can send your brand to an early grave. Who is going to feel trust in a brand that has twenty or so images, under two hundred followers and who hasn’t posted since January 1st? No one.

Your followers are your biggest fans but also one of your greatest tools. Show and present user generated content on your Instagram. Whether it be them with your product, wearing your product or using your product, share it! It is the oldest trick in the trade, nothing sells like a satisfying experience.


As we handle Stella Blu’s instagram, it is important that we repost customer photos to build a portfolio online! This shows that you are staying updated with your customers, and care that they have enjoyed the food and shown some love online. Find out here what else we did for Stella Blu’s social media!


Start your own hashtag campaign! We know it sounds silly saying hashtag out loud, but on Instagram it is a magic password that makes your brand more searchable, to help you to build a bigger audience. Just look at the success of the #FollowMeTo campaign.




Finally, don’t forget the trusty team at Instagram has bestowed an editing suite within the app for your convenience. Learn how to properly use their filters, editing tools and special effects.

Or if that’s not enough, use us and see how we can spice up your social media presence! 

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