Having a testimonial on your Website is great!

Sharing other clients experiences with your business will help close the sale!

Here are some examples of video testimonials from design clients that we filmed this week.

They were shot and edited in one day. By animating logos and graphics, an average quality video is lifted and the result is honest testimonials that are fun to watch.

This can grab a prospective client’s attention for the couple of seconds needed to get them interested in your business. A click on a video will most surely keep them there for 1-2 minutes and also reassure them that they are going to have a great experience when working with you.

It’s the simple marketing adage of Social Proof. Like if we walk by a restaurant that’s buzzing and busy, it makes us want to eat there too. “If all those people are enjoying the Broccoli Casserole at that restaurant, I need to have some of that that Broccoli Casserole!” Similarly, showing your prospective clients that other people like your business could be the tipping point for them to have a taste – and once they have a taste it’s your job to provide the quality and consistency to keep them coming back for more.

If pictures are worth a thousand words… Video surely is worth a million words…