Hot Tips for Logo Design

A logo is the foundation and heart and soul of your brand. It is not only your company’s first impression, but it has the power to determine customer’s brand perception and overall attitudes towards your product. Our team at Spicy understand this importance and want to share our hot tips for fantastic logo design.

Flexibility is key

 The versatility of your logo allows maximum engagement across print and digital design. To look great on a billboard and even better on your website, your logo needs to be a chameleon and adapt to its environment and demographics. Whilst remaining recognisable to your target audience, the flexibility of a logo keeps the brand interesting and relevant.

A favourite chameleon of ours is the City of Melbourne logo by Landor. ‘The brand system resists the traditional thinking about identity design, instead embracing the idea of modulation and adaptation’ (Little, 2010). The constant M shape paired with changing imagery allowed the CoM brand to unite a range of different governing bodies. With a future-focused image which is both flexible and unified, the cost-effectiveness of brand management was also improved! Hot, hot, hot spicians!

Remember the promise

The definition of the brand is “A Promise” .. a promise to what the business will deliver, what the expectations will be, what the customer can get excited about. The logo is the inception piece to this journey — it’s where all pieces of communication begin. This interplays with the font you choose to represent your business, and a palette of colours that execute the overall concept of the business. To start the conversation with the audience, it first begins with how your logo or brand image can create customer feelings and connections with your brand.

At the Spicy Headquarters we did a logo for Tessa Rose Playspace and Landscape design. We wanted to translate Tessa’s brand promise in creating natural, sustainable and inspiring environments for children. This is what we embodied by including the playfulness of children hanging on the tree to represent the scenic designs that Tessa promises. We spiced it up with an earthy green colour that reflected a natural environment, and an apricot colour for vibrance and friendliness.

Colour speaks all languages

Colours have the ability to affect feelings and emotions. Most colours have a universal understanding to everyone. Ideally, your choice of colour should be made on the basis of the target demographic of customers (Business Insider, 2014). Consider the age, gender and cultural orientations of the target audience, and couple it with your artistic creativity, and you’ve got a killer colour palette for your logo already!

The latest cool kid of the spicy book is Sugarfish by Garfish Seafood @ Manly. Flowing out to their new deck, Sugarfish features its own share plate menu as well as a sophisticated cocktail menu. This is why we spiced the simplistic logo with a textured gold colour scheme to reflect the luxury and sophistication that our client wanted to represent. Gold is a universal colour that is often associated with wealth and grandeur. To not over exaggerate the brands promise, we muted the vibrancy with textured layers to make it more suitable to Sugarfish.

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