Lets talk about commitment

Brands that show up and are there for their communities are the ones that will see long-term growth in return.

Engagement: the most important measurable performance indicator on social media. But what does engagement mean? It’s not the kind that comes with a ring.



Social media allows brands to share their journey to an audience (and the world at large). When brands without a strategy post, they post like a cowboy in the Wild West: point, shoot and hope. Brands need a to know what styles of visuals, narratives and campaigns their communities care about, and that’s where metrics like engagement come in. At Spicy Broccoli, we specialise in engagement tracking, reporting and adapting.



Fostering an engaged community on social media is about understanding what resonates with your target audience. Taking an oriented stance, educating and sharing specifically what your brand cares about through longform content like IGTV, Instagram Stories and YouTube offers your customer a closer glimpse into your brand’s team, operations, products and roots.

Check the stats: 78% of consumers say companies’ social media posts impact their purchases (Forbes), and 56% of consumers say they’re more influenced by social media images and videos when online shopping now than when they were before the pandemic (SproutSocial).



Times have changed. It is critical for brands now more than ever to utilise strategic content in the digital marketplace. If your audience doesn’t feel connected with your brand beyond a transaction, they will switch to the next best option. At Spicy, we measure metrics like engagement, follower growth and organic reach over time to help you nail down your key content pillars and craft a strategy that will drive brand loyalty. So… when it comes to content engagement, is it ‘I do?’

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