Rebranding Your Business Month

This is part one of a three part series on Rebranding Your Business

Part One: Introduction

A successful franchise network requires a disciplined innovative business strategy. These aspects may seem like total opposites, when in fact when you work them well together and produce a well thought out strategy that invites a variety of aged consumers, it’ll behold a successful line of trust to both your marketing strategies and consumers.

Here are some handy points to think about for your business.

  • Problem Analysis
    Ask yourself, why you are rebranding. Is it because of a downfall in your business income? Or is it just time for a new fun change? Analyse the reason behind your choice to rebrand your business, once you have, construct a question list as to what you think may have happened to cause this. For example, Baker’s Delight found that their TV ads were not as effective because, yes their ads were invigorating and fun but consumers couldn’t what the actual product being marketed or what the key messages were.
  • Research
    The first step in undertaking a brand reinvigoration is research. The importance of finding what appeals to your consumers, and what, about your business, they value. This information will be the key to pushing your business to the top; this will inevitably fix your business in the long run as well.
  •  Deliver on the brand promise
    Once you’ve found your solutions and are ready to take on the next step of rebranding, make sure what you’re going to promise them you can keep. Some businesses fail to keep up with their promises and thus their customers are not happy with the company. You can create the best brand in the world but if you can’t deliver what you promise then your brand becomes undermined in your consumers’ minds. This all means that you need to only provide what you can, not only that but keep in mind your consumers need re invigoration which can be energy or creativity to keep them appealed.

Always keep questioning: is our brand communication resonating with consumers? Is our marketing strategy translating into positive, and growing sales? Will the strategy produce long-term solutions?  Keep on your toes and try to maintain constant research for what your consumers want will help motivate your consumers to purchase from you because it will portray a sense of loyalty and understanding of your customers.

If you’re interest, tune in next week for our first post on Rebranding Your Business.

See you next week!
Spicy Team.