Spicy Panda Says… Save The World


You don’t have to become a super-green-eco-friendly machine to save the environment. Anything you can do in the office, can help save our planet. By changing only a few small things at home or the office can help. Things like not printing emails & documents, if it’s not necessary or taking old printed paper home, to give to the kids to draw on, or shredding it and using it for compost heaps, cat litter, bedding (if you live in the woods) or even as packing material.

There are some very good reasons for making your office an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly place.

  • it saves you money! Your paper costs can be halved by printing double-sided. Also refilling your ink & toner cartridges (instead of buying new ones) is much cheaper. Turning off equipment when it’s not in use, instead of leaving it on stand-by can reduce your power bill.
  • it’s helping out our earth! By reducing the electricity you use, you help cut back on tones of greenhouse gases produced from power stations. Using recycled paper saves trees (you save more if you’re printing double-sided!) – the more trees we have on our planet, the less carbon emissions need to be offset.
  • having a “green” office helps involve your staff. Knowing that their actions can really make a difference will enhance a natural motivation to act in an environmentally responsible way.