Use it to your advantage: List of successful women in history

This is part four in our four part series on Women in Business.

Part Four: Use it to your advantage: List of successful women in history

These women can help you gain the confidence you need to run your business. You are not alone, there are so many other women running or working in businesses. So, how do they do it? Well let’s take a look a look at 3 of the most successful businesswomen, and the attributes they had to deal with it. Compare and contrast with your business and focus on how you can improve things through their processes.

  1. Oprah Winfrey. A billionaire, publisher and talk show host extraordinaire. Oprah is a very respected businesswoman; her ability to turn everything she touch her hearts all around the globe created a legendary image for her.How she does it:
    • Passion: Oprah had to go through personal experiences to achieve the path that she wanted. In her case, it was a downfall that brought her back up to the top, she became determined to help others, this passion for determination drove her to become successful in her business.
    • Sense of purpose: It can appear as though there is no point in starting a business if you do not have a strong sense of will. Believe in yourself like Oprah did-she believed she had a purpose in life-, if you believe in yourself that strong sense of purpose will reflect on your business.
  2. Estee Lauder. This woman is a Cosmetic creator, whose products are known world wide and supplied in a significant amount of stores to this very day.How she does it:
    • Do it yourself: It seems easier to just hire a team of advertisers, or other’s to take care of production, but Estee took action, and controlled everything including sales and marketing. Now you don’t precisely have to do these things but Estee showed so much love for her company that she volunteered to take on these aspects of her business, you too have to do the same, become involved and hands on towards your business, have a true love for it and it will show through your business.
    • Don’t take ‘No’ for an answer: The best way to work through your business, is to work hard and really stick to it, strive for even more every time you achieve another goal; reward yourself every now and then but still keep working for a better and better image. Self believe is the best sort of support you can get.
  3. Anne Sweeney. Anne is Co-Chair of Disney Media Networks and President of Disney-ABC Television Group, she put herself out there and helped not just her company but other media networks hot over $18.7 billion in profits. How she does it:
    • Leadership style: Use careful tactics to work with your team and to also help your teamwork together. It may seem unimportant how your employees should act to one another in a business, but in fact it’s really important. Most businesses require teamwork, where a task cannot be 100% successful without relying on another task being 100% successful. Anne talks about how she tells her employees they need to “wake up in the morning thinking they are stapled to one another, and that neither can be successful without the other”; this is an important factor take onboard when running a successful business, especially if it means a well progressing working environment.  
    • Source of Inspiration: Work with your source of inspiration to keep well motivated through the progress of your business. This will help with your business reputation as well because you will often find yourself in a happy place and this will reflect on how you interact with your team and impact it will have on your product and services.

That’s a wrap for this week’s Successful Women In History and our month’s Women In Business as well. However, never fear we have plenty more posts coming for you, next month we’re focusing on Your Customer Database, same place, same time next week. We hope you’ve had a spicy weekend!