What is an Influencer and why does my brand need them?

No, they don’t just kick back and take freebies. Influencers are the key to your audience!

Influencers don’t just know what they’re talking about when it comes to your brand niche, they hold the megaphone, stand at the top of the mountain and use it to influence thousands of consumers with their promotions, product reviews, how-to’s and affiliate giveaways.

Brands are finding it very hard to gain traction on the internet. This is largely due to the fact that every business, large or small, has made an unconquerable level of noise in the internet world. As a result, consumers are wary of companies that engage in self-promotion. Therefore, there has been an upsurge of demand for innovative digital strategies. Brands have harnessed the potential of influencers as a result of their search for a different approach. Business owners are rapidly turning to influencer marketing. Many brands devote a substantial amount of time, effort and resources to formulate and implement successful influencer marketing.
Let’s dive into why my brand needs them.

Long term partnership

Influencers are no longer just marketing tools for brands, they’re social relationship assets that brands can collaborate with to achieve greater marketing objectives. Digital marketplaces find their lifeblood in fostering an engaged social media community and influencers are the perfect place to start, especially for beginner brands. An influencer in your product niche with a decent following has considerable power to affect the purchasing decisions of their audience based on their authority, knowledge and relationship with their following.

Increase brand-awareness and reach

Influencers are distinguished from traditional celebrities in that they have a close relationship with their fan bases. They use social media’s accessibility to build personal connections with their followers and gain their trust. Influencers are frequently real-life consumers with extensive knowledge of specific topics. This gives them some clout and allows them to persuade their followers to follow their desired action. You can also invite them to manage one’s social media profiles and start posting on your behalf for a set period of time. An effective influencer marketing campaign necessitates meticulous planning and a thorough understanding of your target audience.

Develop credibility and trust

Influencers make a good living by providing their followers with interesting content. Collaborating with them allows you to rethink your content marketing strategy and put it in a fresh light. It’s a refreshing change of pace in the midst of a sea of branded content. Furthermore, content featuring influencers is frequently perceived as more genuine and trustworthy. Your audience is interested in sharing it with their connections if it strikes a chord with them. This raises your content’s visibility and binds you with an audience that would otherwise have been inaccessible. Working with influencers provides you with a wealth of user-generated content.

Boost overall marketing strategy

Influencer marketing has the power to enhance your website’s search rankings and broaden your audience. A marketing strategy alone should aim to raise brand awareness and engage a cold audience, but when you include the use of an influencer in your niche market, you are targeting awareness in a warm audience. What’s the difference? A cold audience is anyone scrolling through social media that might happen upon your brand, or might search for a product you happen to sell, and then they find you – a bit of chance, a bit of SEM. Warm audiences are those who already have an interest in your brand niche, and as such follow content creators that produce engaging and informative content that feature products and service relative to this niche.

Drive purchasing decisions

Here’s where your brand comes in. An influencer’s warm audience trusts their judgment. If you can promote your product on this stage you are more likely to secure a conversion on the influencers recommendation alone. Influencers provide an easier avenue to digest critical information related to a consumers decision making – instead of spending hours comparing products, investigating specifics and prices, they can go straight to their favorite online creator and find the product they trust the most. That could be your brand!

But how do I get an influencer to promote my business?

You’re thinking, “Ok, sounds great, I’ll DM a few influencers and get them to promote my product.” If only it were that easy! More often than not, influencers are bombarded by brands and your message will get lost in their requests. That’s where we come in. At Spicy Broccoli we have a huge network of influencers and promoters ready and willing to partner with you and speak volumes to their audience. We’ve worked for a number of brands on formatting their social media marketing strategies that have helped them grow their audience and achieve their business objectives. Time to get your brand to the top of the mountain and into that digital megaphone!”

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