Connecting With Your Audience

Connecting with your audience by giving them what they are searching for is the best way to give guidance. Guidance is the absolute key to express the care and support your have for your audience, which will ultimately drive traffic to your website. This week we’re chatting about what are the best strategies to connect with your audience on your website.

Below are ways of expressing these key elements to successfully connecting with your target market.

Testimonials are a strong driver for business growth because of their tendency to create social proof of credibility of your brand.
Here are 3 customs to explain why testimonials are so handy dandy.

  1. Social proof from delighted clientele is more powerful than purely promoting yourself.
  2. When clients give meaningful testimonial, they also remind themselves why they choose to buy from you.
  3. You get deeper insights into what your clients value most about you and your brand, giving you the opportunity to increase and promote the benefits of your product or services.

Before and after pictures

Shown in the example above, we can see the fantastic improvement made through the before and after pictures, This is a great way to encourage viewers to notice the improvement your business has gone through over time as well as the great impact the new look will be on the business for reputation and personality wise. In the process, consider your target audience and what would make them tick, what would appeal to them and what drives them to take action. Take the time to show people how you’ve transformed things to the improvement that exists now, these pictures will show them exactly what you can do for them or yourself.

Calls to action

In our last post “how to make your homepage count” we briefly mentioned “call to action” and the idea of its use on the homepage, sure enough these technique can also be used to identify specific objects. Looking at the above example, you should give your call to action the best seat in the house, by not only keeping it above the fold but to also direct your audience; the best way to do this is to use creative writing to encourage them to take action. The above image has used the inclusion of “sale ends midnight tonight”, to lead to a call to action prompt.

Important information
1… 2… 3… That’s about the time you have to engage your audience, so put the important info top priority. We know how much information your business ideally has to display and in some cases you can’t simply explain it in one paragraph. Finding ways around this is important if you want your audience to spend longer than 10 seconds on your website. Remember, don’t waffle on, keep it simple and straight to the point and keep your content clean and separated (where it can be).

An online forum/community to discuss issues

Why should you get involved with forums? Simply, why shouldn’t you? Forums are a highly valuable tool for communicating with your target markets. Yes, it’s time to dig in and dig deep, find out what your audience is saying, what they like or what they don’t like. It’s the first step to successful business communication, building a network of friends and achieving website traffic.

Slick graphics
Building traffic can be as easy as using appealing images. Most of your potential customers will not be particularly motivated to read your content, so you need to give them a compelling reason to do so. The idea is to present them with fascinating pictures to attract them and keep it relevant so it’s consistent with your branding.

We hear it over and over again and sometimes we’re a bit not bothered, but communicating to your audience is really important because the way you act will reflect on the overall business. Keep it simple, maintain the content on your website, provide call to actions to motivate your market and most of all, just accept whatever feedback you get and take it on board, it’s so important to hear what your customers have to say.
Another wrap up for this weeks spicy tips; communicating with your audience. Remember your audience’s needs and keep things spicy!

Tune in next week for more of Your Website tips for creating huge impacts with minute changes.