Top 5 top 5’s – Happy 5th Birthday Spicy Broccoli!

Hello everyone, today marks a special day here at Spicy Broccoli.

* ~ * It’s Spicy Broccoli Media’s 5th Birthday!! * ~ *

Happy Birthday to us! We’ll have our cake and eat it too! Today everyone’s getting spoiled with corporate massages – ahhhhh, a yummy lunch from Forest Thai (love when places have a brown rice option!), and of course ending the day with a super spicy happy hour complete with shenanigans like laying on the ground trying to form a “5”.

spicy's 5th birthday celebrations

this is a number 5 in case you can’t tell

To put 5 years in perspective to you: we’re a cherub-cheeked kid off to their first day of Kindie, the time span Jason Segal and Emily Blunt were engaged in that one movie, a marriage that’s starting to itch, and 35 years old in dog years.

Five years may seem a lot for a business, and in the grand scheme of things, it is! But, did you know the first 5 years of a business’s life are the most crucial, and many don’t make it that far? Sources claim a small business’s success rate, to 5 years, is 5 – 15% – those odds aren’t looking too great.

We count ourselves lucky to hit the five-year milestone, and would like to send a big thank you to all of our loyal clients!

To celebrate, we’re going to share with you our top 5, favorite top design lists.

1. Totally out there and awesome business card designs. (Brought to you by fellow panda lovers.)

2. Top Print Ads for June 2014

3. The hottest Web Design Trends of 2014

4. Well-known, top logos, and their lesser-known meanings.

5. Websites: Awwwards’ winners of best sites and agencies of the year, for design, creativity, and innovation on the internet.

We hope you’re inspired by some of the designs and innovations on these lists. Let us know which one you really dig!

Send us your birthday wishes, and we might just give you a slice of cake! Maybe. It’s chocolate. . .mhmm. . .


Until next time Spicy Readers!