Social Media Month

This is part one of a five part series on Social Media For Your Business

Part One: Introduction

What is Social Media? Is it over rated? And why should I use it?

Welcome to twenty-thirteen! The Spicy team is all rested and ready to whip some butt and work on some exciting, kickass projects!

The start of a year is a great time to take a fresh new look on your business and a perfect opportunity to invest time into developing your social media strategy.

Social Media refers to a group of emerging online tools that enable individuals to interact, communicate and connect with other individuals and businesses.

Social Media is good for your business because:

  • it is driven by user-generated-content and therefore highly engaging for users
  • it emphasizes community and connecting with people individually on a large scale
  • it enables businesses to interact directly, personally and promptly with their customers and prospective customers.

The popularity of social media amongst Australian consumers is an undisputed fact with a sizable majority of us actively engaging with social media on a regular basis.

However, there still remains a sizeable gap between the social media strategies of Australian businesses and the corresponding behaviour of a large number of their customers with only 27% of small businesses and 34% of medium-sized businesses having a social media presence. (Source: Yellow Pages Social Media Report, June 2012 )

To find what the best path to take for your company is, stay tuned for this month’s blog posts. We will covering:

  • A detailed description of what Social Media is
  • The essentials of Social Media
  • How to sell your business or yourself through Facebook
  • Develop your businesses personality

Pop onto our blog for more great tips on Social Media, and remember if you have any questions contact us and we’d more than happy to provide you with information you like.

Catchya’ next week.

Spicy team.