We don't often honk our horn, but we are pretty stoked on this one, TBH. we came away with the top prize at the Australian Small Business Champions Award in the Marketing Serviecs categoty and we couldn't be more proud.

Spicy Broccoli Media ends 2022 with a bang by winning Australian Small Business Champions Award!

Spicy Broccoli wins Australian Small Business Champions Awards – Excellence in Marketing Services

What a year has it been! (Yes another one!) A lot of milestones have been reached this year, from onboarding new clients, and welcoming new team members to rising above a thousand million bazillion challenges (rough estimation).


But we have some good news! Drumroll please….. we are so excited to announce that we have won the Australian Small Business Champion Awards for Marketing Services, we were finalists for 3 years and this year took the cake! We are super thankful to our clients for trusting us with their businesses, and congratulate all of the talented and hard-working businesses that were also finalists!


We think the award might be due to the pride we take in being able to position our clients’ ideas and products to be memorable in all the right ways. We focus on understanding the minds of target audiences and the perceptions that they hold, to allow us to inject a shift in their thinking, which will hopefully alter a behavioral change that will result in success for our clients.

To our clients, we try to be like the mate who tells you like it is, we’ll be there for you in times of need and be ready to genuinely celebrate your wins. We invite clients to come to be a part of our Spicy “family” and often have social events including clients because we get to know them on a personal level.

Personally, we tend to this is probably why we won – Dress like a boss day!


Beach clean-up day!


Team weirdos at Selfie HQOur philosophy is all about helping good businesses do great things. Quoted from our very own director, Sarah Taylor, “Passion is the key essential force that drives our success. It determines everything that we think and do!” We operate by a few key values:

–> Client-Centric
If we ever have questions about what creative direction to head, we refer back to the idea of what’s best for the client and their goals.
–> Innovation
With a strong concept, branding becomes a long-lasting connection.
–> Know before you go
Be sure the brief is as clear as possible and we do all the necessary research before jumping into any project
–>No whinging, no bitching
Keeping a positive atmosphere is paramount in a creative environment. Nothing is personal, and we embrace and encourage feedback both internally and from clients. We also like to have FUN!
–> This is just the beginning
We are always looking to the future to see what’s next. Technology moves quickly and we love finding out what’s on the horizon and being able to provide solutions that look beyond the “now”. With an agile team, we can move quickly to implement changes that will be beneficial to the triple bottom line.

Sarah  Taylor representing our Award-winning agency at Parliament House

Furthermore, with a small tree for our logo, being a social enterprise with an environmental stance is super duper important for us. We plant 3 trees for every new project or digital marketing client. We have our Spicy Goes Green policy to reduce waste, use recycled paper, keep cups, organise beach cleanups, and other environmentally-minded initiatives internally and passed on to our clients.

If you have trusted your businesses to Spicy this year, thank you very much – we truly appreciate you! It has been a pleasure working with you and we’re excited to soar with you to greater heights next year. Our very own director, Michael Taylor likes to say,” If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward.” So if you’re interested… the contact button is just on the top right, we would love to see if you would be a good fit to rise above the noise!