The Fast and the Furious

Have you heard of the project triangle..

‘Good, fast OR cheap’?  Pick two.

This might help you decide which two are for you:

1. Good & Cheap
You’re getting a great deal, the quality you desire at a discounted price – but (of course there’s a but) top-paying clients would get first priority. Like when you’re shopping – you have to wait until the summer sales if you’re not willing to pay full price. Just like a home-cooked meal – it’ll be worth the wait.

2. Good & Fast
If you’re hiring a bar out for a party you have to pay in order to compensate for the loss of sales from the other paying customers – same in the design world. Over-time comes at a price, but think of the quality you’ll get…

3. Fast & Cheap
Imagine going into a restaurant  it’s fast, you get a burger for $2, whilst it might smell good – it’s not good quality, it’s likely it’s not even real meat.

Remember time is money and you get what you pay for. You can’t be furious that you don’t get fillet steak when you pay for a burger.

Luckily, with graphic design if option 3 is unavoidable you can at least add
the good later on.