Tips on great logo design

You may think the seasons changing and winter’s coming but its LOGO SEASON!

Good logo design benefits a business by appealing to a target market and accurately representing the personality of your business. In this post we look at designing for your target market, choosing the right colours for your business and thinking about the longevity of your logo. We’ve been designing a few logos recently and have come up with a list of elements that create successful logo design.

Your Customers
Where will the logo appear? Who is it for? Think about where you will be using your logo. Think about the target market when designing a logo. A logo is there so customers and potential customers can identify your business and remember your products/services. Don’t ignore your target audience, design a logo that they can understand and notice and you will have a successful logo.

Colour create an instant emotional relationship. What does the colour of your logo say about your brand?


Although there are logo trends, the strongest logos last for manly years after they’re designed.
Successful logos are simple and straight to the point. Don’t bring unnecessary elements into your logo design. Focus on communicating the core values of business and try thinking into the future. Will your logo still be relevant to  your business in 5-10 years?

For example, Paul Rand’s IBM logo was first designed in 1947. It’s hard to imagine that a logo designed 65 years ago still is relevant today. Simplicity is the key.


Planning your logo is important for success. Firstly consider your target market and develop ideas/strategies that would appeal to your target market. once you have decided on who you are targeting begin designing a logo just for them. Think about colour carefully then consider if your design is going to last the distance. Take your time developing the logo and stick to the drawing board until you have a solution that ticks all the boxes. Good luck! :)